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Today I am sharing the steps you will need to become a successful Pinterest Strategist like me! Follow these 5 steps and you will be on your way to getting your Pinterest Management Business started!

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Learn everything you can about Pinterest, Tailwind, and Canva! It may sound like a giant task to undertake but it is fairly simple. There are many ways to learn these three platforms, the two ways I started off learning about them were through YouTube videos and informative blog posts. There is TONS of valuable free information out there through which you can learn to teach yourself.

Tailwind is a scheduling tool through which you can pre-schedule all of your or client’s pins. Tailwind, amazingly, has their own training videos that you can view once you are all signed up! Tailwind is THE scheduling tool and backed by Pinterest. If you would like to get one free month trial for Tailwind you can sign up here.

Now if you are like me, you will want to get all the information in a course and be taught by someone that has been there and done that – and honestly, personally feel that is the way to go! I chose to enroll in the PINternship and that taught me everything I know about becoming a pro as a Pinterest Strategist. The course is lead by Jena Liat and shes is AMAZING! The course is self-paced and Jena will teach from beginner to expert, all the while providing you with one-on-one mentorship through your journey in becoming a Pinterest Strategist. The great value in this course is Jena, having her in your corner cheering you on, mentoring you, and answering any and every question you may have as you learn. You also have the opportunity to apply for an internship through her so you can gain experience with an actual client. You can sign up for mentorship with Jena here.

And then there is Canva! This site is what I and a lot of strategists use to design client pins. You don’t HAVE to learn this, you can contract this workout but I greatly enjoy offering this service to my clients – it is secretly my favorite part of the job. The best part is a lot of features on Canva are completely free, how awesome is that?! If you would like to have some creative fun, give Canva a shot here.


Now once you have learned all that you can about Pinterest, Tailwind, and Canva, you will want and need to test your skills because clients want results right? So now you want to collect data to prove your skills to those potential clients.

You can start collecting data through your own account, which is also beneficial as clients will want to check out your own business account to see what you can do. One of the best ways to gain data is to take on an internship (or free trial) client so that you see what it is like to work with someone else without the pressure behind it.

When I first started my business, I practiced with my business account and found a blogger that was willing to take a chance on me to work on her account for free and this allowed me to collect the data I needed to show my results to future client’s.

Not only did it help me collect data results but it helped me learn through real work, also help build my confidence in my capabilities, and having a free client allowed it to be stress-free that I fell in love with what I was learning and doing. I HIGHLY recommend having a trial client for at least a month or two before you being charging others for your services.


This one can be interchangeable on the list with #2 but the reason I put this one as #3 is because A LOT of people will start branding and get involved in branding they never practice their skills or they feel it is never right and does not go out and find clients or even a trial client.

Now you can earn by just starting and not branding but eventually, you will want to brand and have a website, this will take you a long way in being taken seriously.

A professional-looking website should represent you and how you want to be portrayed to your clients, it shows you are the real deal! Your website and branding do not need to be perfect but do create something simple and overtime adjust it as you grow.


Now you can go get yourself some clients! Sounds like a piece of cake huh? But surprisingly this is where most struggle.

Here are 5 suggestions on getting clients:

  • Warm market – reach out to your friends and family and let them know your new career path. You’d be surprised how many people within your network own a business or knows someone who owns a business and needs some organic social advertising
  • Cold Emails – email potential clients you think would benefit from your services. All those people you follow on Instagram that are considered “influencers” or sell a product. Those are your target clients, especially if they are people you already follow. 
  • Facebook Groups – cold pitching within Facebook groups and interacting in groups providing value to other people’s questions. THIS is how I have found a majority of my clients. Advice goes a long way in this method!
  • Instagram – put yourself out there on Instagram and engage with others, have stories, and of course DM potential clients while adding authentic value through your posts and all interactions. 
  • Blog – blogging is a great way of getting clients. Blog at least once every week and gain traction on google to being in their Pinterest searches. You can also market your posts through Pinterest thus leading traffic back to you and again gaining data to show your client’s what you can do for them. 

Starting can be incredibly frustrating to learn it all and especially to find a client, these things take time. However, as I mentioned above, for me the PINternship course helped me a TON with learning the platforms, pitching to clients, creating pin templates, and having a mentor to guide you through it all with a private Facebook group and even a chance at an internship through the course! 


Pinterest and social media, in general, are ever-changing. As a Pinterest Strategist, it is your job to be on top of all that is changing and how platforms are updating the way they showcase information, this way you can provide the best and most accurate work/results for your clients while keeping all your clients ecstatic with their results and your services. As you keep your existing clients happy with your amazing service, you will never have a shortage of customers, as word of mouth spreads quickly!

Interest in becoming a Pinterest Strategist and have questions still? Leave a message below and I will answer them to the best of my ability!

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