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Struggling to keep up with pinning to your Pinterest account? No worries, this article is for you…Tailwind is a great tool to help your blog traffic grow on self automation.

If you are in the blogging industry or a Pinterest Manager than you know that Pinterest is THE way to go to generate traffic to your website or business services. However, most do not bring up how time-consuming pinning to Pinterest can be and since we all have a life outside of Pinterest, you’ll be happy to know there are a handful of tools out there that can make your pinning life easier and today I am going to tell you my secret for pinning for all my clients…Tailwind!

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Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to schedule pins to Pinterest and the best part about it is it allows your account to keep running on autopilot. Thus giving you the freedom to get more sleep, suntan on the beach, and capture those precious moments with your family. 

By designating just an hour of your time or even a few short minutes a day, you can schedule all of your pins to be published at your desired time so that your content is always reaching a new audience and continuously circulating on Pinterest. 

The best part about Tailwind is that it is Pinterest-approved! You never have to worry about your account coming across as spam or having them shut down your account for using software they do not approve of. 

*Bonus* They also have a scheduling feature for Instagram!


Click here to get your first month of Tailwind FREE

When you sign up with Tailwind, you get to schedule 100 pins for free or utilize it for up to a month (whichever you hit first). You are also able to join up to 5 Tailwind tribes and you get to submit up to 30 pins to those tribes a month. (more about Tribes in a future post)

 Once you get hooked to the ease of Tailwind and have used up your 100 pins and you can continue your membership with a small monthly fee. 


Now that you know all about Tailwind, let’s go in depth on how to schedule your pins

Now to make your life easier, because who doesn’t like to simplify their life? Youw ill want to add the Chrome web browser extension for Tailwind. Seriously…do this, it is awesome!! This will allow you to schedule any pin image that you come across in a blog or online with just the click of a button and while searching on Pinterest, this button allows you to schedule many pins while on Pinterest.

I do know they have a browser exrenstion for Firefox and Safari but I do not know about those, but I’m sure it is not to hard.

To add the Chrome extension, sign into your Tailwind account, go to “Drafts” tab on the left of the screen underneath “Publisher” and click on the button that says “Chrome Extension.” A pop up box will ask if you want to add the Tailwind extension and hit the “add extension” button. All done!

By doing this, you make it super fast and easy to schedule pins while browsing or if you want to save something for later to share with your Pinterest audience. All you need to do now is hover over the lower left side of an image and clcil the little blue button that says “Schedule.”

It’ll look like this:

Tailwind Hover Button

After hitting the Tailwind button, Chrome will pop open with a pinnable image in a Tailwind window and will allow you to choose a board you want to save the image to or you can schedule it for later and it will end up in your drafts and will look like the image below.

Tailwind Schedule Drafts


There are quite a few ways to schedule pins onto Tailwind. Lets look those over.

Schedule from Pinterest

With the Tailwind browser extension, scheduling from Pinterest is so incredibly easy! All you need to do is open up Pinterest while you are searching and this will bring up a ton of pins from what you’ve researched and from there you can easily schedule onto Tailwind

From there the scheduler window will open up and all you need to do is click on which pins you want to schedule and then write which boards you want to add those pins to and click schedule! Easy as can be.

Tailwind Scheduler on Pinterest

Scheduling from blogs

From blog posts you will do the same, click on the little blue Tailwind button as you are browsing through your favorite blogs or even your blog and schedule it into your Pinterest feed.

Scheduling pins is truly as easy as one, two, three. {see image from browser to see what it looks like}


Using Tailwind will be an adjustment, for sure, and playing around with it will help you adjust much quicker. Keep in mind having Tailwind to schedule your pins is a wonderful tool but it will not matter if you do not have a strategy in place. 

As I mentioned above, we all have lives and we cannot live on Pinterest twenty-four hours a day searching and pinning constantly. I have two small babies and a hubby, so my attention is needed elsewhere most of the day so I utilize Tailwind to help this momma out. 

That’s why when I found out about Tailwind I said sign me up!

stay tuned for my Tailwind Tribe blog post, to learn how to utilize Tailwind Tribes!

Don’t forget to get your FREE trail of Tailwind!

There is a ton of stuff to learn about Pinterest and Tailwind, the platforms are constantly growing and expanding their experience for their audience. My biggest advice would be to never get discouraged and if you have any questions about Tailwind, feel free to leave a comment below.

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