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Since launching my blog a month ago, I have been searching endlessly for a way to create nice professional emails to send out to my subscribers. I asked countless blogging groups and searched throughout the internet to try various email marketing products and then I came across Flodesk and fell in love!

Let’s talk about the 3 reasons why you should be using Flodesk.

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First off, Flodesk is an extremely simple platform that helps you create high quality, gorgeous email workflows, pop-ups, and more. Sending out emails to your subscribers becomes as easy as posting to social media…aka a breeze.

1. pricing

While searching for email marketing platforms, many tend to “punish” you as you get bigger and gain more followers. See the more subscribers you have the more you have to pay each month, however NOT with Flodesk! For a small monthly fee, you get access to all their amazing features and you can have as many subscribers you want…that’s right unlimited subscribers = same amazing price.

Speaking of price, Flodesk is growing rapidly but is still considered in beta mode, therefore allowing current members to off their special beta deal which is 50% off your Flodesk subscription and you lock that in for life! That means instead of paying $39/month you get to pay $19/month for as long as you have a membership! What a deal huh?!?

Don’t miss out on the chance to snag this deal at this price forever, I am sure there is a good chance that Flodesk will raise its prices once they are out of beta mode.

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With Flodesk you are able to create some gorgeous email layouts and forms that look like they are coming from a professional brand. The team has proprietary technology that even allows you to add in your own fonts into your layouts and form, taking branding to a whole other level, from my research no other email marketing platform allows this.

Another wonderful feature that I personally enjoy is that they give you the option to see how your emails will look on both desktop and mobile platforms, so you are able to create streamline emails that will look great on both platforms.

And not only that but you are also able to save your branding colors and logo into your settings. I also love this, because it allows me to not have to click back and forth through webpages to find my brand color each time I want to add a color.

Seriously I love this platform. Can you tell yet?


Flodesk makes building your subscriber list a breeze. You are able to create lead magnet forms in a matter of seconds. You can create from scratch or customize one to your liking and simply paste into your blog or website grabbing your visitor’s attention.

It took me less than 10 minutes to build and input my pop-up Canva freebie for you guys (which I hope you took the offer to grab your free 5 templates).

Not only that, but it took me maybe an hour to design all the forms on my Pinterest Strategy business side as well. Simple gorgeous forms for all my packages with ease of customizing and pasting in.

If you are looking to hire a Pinterest Strategist, take a look at my packages. I can help!

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Oh yea, and as a bonus feature, Flodesk also lets you easily input your Instagram feed directly into your email. It will automatically update as you add new posts. I do not keep up with my Instagram as much as I should, but having this feature be so easily integrated into Flodesk gives me the desire to leverage and update my IG consistently.

Snag your 50% off price or use the promo code NICKYZAVALA at checkout and get Flodesk for forever at $19/month!


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