As most of you know, I am a Pinterest Strategist and through that business, I decided to get into blogging to show my clients the benefits of utilizing Pinterest to grow their blogs. I then moved into the realm of blogging and had a lot to learn in a small amount of time, truth be told I am always learning! However there are a lot of “tricks” when it comes to blogging and affiliate marketing, so I want to share 10 tips I found out along my blogging research journey.

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If you do want to make an income through blogging, make sure you what you are writing about is going to provide you with the opportunity to make money.

As you come up with your topic, consider the blog from your reader’s point of view, is this something that they are searching for, for example not a ton of people are looking for coin collecting, however, some hot topics include blogging, Pinterest, recipes, fashion, hair, motherhood, etc.


If you are serious and devoted to generating an income through blogging, you NEED to have a self-hosted website. The most important reason why you should is that it truly belongs to you and you along.

Publishing a blog through or or any other site means anything you write on your blog actually belongs to them. Self-hosting also allows you to monetize your blog through affiliate links, ads, products, and services.

It also makes your website more credible, gives your image legitimacy. Seeing (blogname) or (blogname) comes across more as a hobbyist rather than someone credible.

If you do go the self-hosting route, you will want to utilize a very popular blogging platform, which I suggest is WordPress, this is NOT, it is In order to do this, you will need a web host and I personally recommend Siteground, this is exactly who I use, and have I have no issues. They have super affordable pricing and at times even offer you a special lower rate to get started. You will also want to create a domain (aka it’s your website link) and I suggest and use Namecheap, they are also affordable and I also use them and have had zero issues!

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3. Legalize your blog

After you have decided what your niche will be and have chosen your self hosting site/domain, you want to make sure you are blogging legally. This is something I personally did not know but thankful to have found out early on. There are three pages that your blog MUST have when blogging to protect yourself from being sued and losing your blog and/or business. You want to always have a Private Policy, Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions page.

The BEST templates I have found were created by Amira at Myselfguru. Her Basic Legal Bundle Templates makes adding these pages to your blog so incredibly simple and quick. I literally had the templates downloaded, edited, and uploaded to my site in under 10 minutes! Again I want to reiterate that these pages are a must when blogging, and that’s regardless if you are monetizing or blogging as a hobby.

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Once you start writing, there are so many things you can do with your website. My biggest advice would be to keep it simple at first and start writing. You can totally fix up your site as time goes one but many bloggers get held up at this point because they feel like it must be “perfect” before they can publish any posts.

The most important thing here is to focus on the quality of your work and the content you are creating over what your website looks like and just throwing blog posts out there. Spend the time thinking of your niche and what people searching that niche are wanting to read, help them solve a problem or present value to them regarding that niche.

Along with quality you do not want a blog full of mistakes, I have a tool and still, my dad catches mistakes all the time. After being caught so many times by my dad, I started utilizing Grammarly to proofread my blog posts, it is free to use and it is amazing! You can use it as a browser extension so that it works as you are typing within your blog post or as I like to use it, directly through their website (I like it this way as now my blogs are saved somewhere besides my website in case it crashes).


Consider how you are going to monetize your blog. Going in with a game plan is important, know which avenues you are interested in pursuing to monetize will help you come up with a strategy. For instance, certain ad companies require you to have a certain amount of traffic before you get approved, affiliate links can require you to use their product/services before you can become an affiliate and so on.


Many bloggers create a blog and have a “Field of Dreams” mindset, thinking if they build it and write it, people will come. This is NOT true. There are definitely ways to make sure your blog gets discovered, those come in the form of making sure your SEO (search engine optimization) is great so that Google will rank you within searches, you will also definitely want to use Pinterest to generate website traffic. This is what I do for fellow bloggers as a Pinterest Strategist.

Pinterest is the BEST search engine for bloggers, you will want to create a business profile so that you get analytics on your account. Then for each blog post, you will want to create at least 3-5 pins and make sure to pin those over time and have at least one of those pins on your blog post to remind your readers to pin themselves.

Need help setting up a business account read my blog: How to Create A Business Pinterest Account

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Pinterest may be the best for bloggers, but you do not want to forget about all the other social media platforms either. Social media, just like Pinterest, can definitely drive traffic to your blog and grow your presence, however, the “shelf-life” with social media is a short time frame than Pinterest is. My suggestion is to pick 2 platforms you are able to keep up with and go from there.


As a blogger, one thing you do not want to wait to do is to create a lead magnet (aka freebies) so that you can quickly build up your email list. These people will become your great fans! This gives you the ability to have your audience’s undivided attention as unlike social media there is now no algorithm getting in the way of your audience seeing your juicy goodness. Seriously, do not wait to create some sort of freebie to generate that email list, because even if you do not know yet what you are going to do with that list, you at least are creating a following for the future.

To have a lead magnet you will need to have an email marketing platform, I use Flodesk for this and I am head over heels in L-O-V-E with it because of the ease of use, they make it so simple and the pricing can’t be beaten!

To learn my favorite reasons why to use Flodesk check out my most recent blog about it: 3 Reasons to use Flodesk for Email Marketing.

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Fellow bloggers are a WEALTH of information and are able to offer you advice in every field regarding blogging. You might think this is impossible to do but find bloggers through Pinterest and read their posts, join some blogging Facebook groups (I love my groups, they are so helpful!), search through YouTube videos, and so on. Bloggers that are successful in the industry already give away lots of tips and tricks or even give courses that can help you along your journey.

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10. SEO

I brought this up briefly in another tip, but do not skimp out on learning about SEO, search engine optimization. Getting your SEO right allows your blog and topic to be found on search engines, like Google.

SEO tends to scare a lot of bloggers off because it sounds complicated or like you can never successfully do it but if you are on a self-hosted website. I highly recommend getting the plugin Yoast or Rankmath to help you with your SEO, both offer free versions.


Finally, just get out there and do it! Most people allow their self-doubt to hinder them from actually getting anywhere in the first place. I had my own doubt stop me many times for many years until I finally bit the bullet and made the plunge. Failure will always be there but you will never know if you fail or even better yet succeeded immensely if you never get out there and try!

We all have the same shot as anyone else, so I know you can be just as successful too!


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