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Not sure what Tailwind is? Check out this post to learn about Tailwind and how to use it as a beginner.

As simple as it to utilized Tailwind, many people including myself can make 5 simple to fix mistakes. It’s also easy to make these mistakes that could be costing you time, productivity, followers, and even sales. Take a look so you can prevent or stop making them today. 

Tailwind, this investment is so worth it in the long run if you ask for my opinion and it is my absolute favorite tool to use as a Pinterest Strategist for my clients and even for myself. It is so nice to run things on autopilot, especially since Pinterest is a long term game plan, and burn out can easily occur. 

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This is probably the worst thing you can do. If you’re wondering why it would be because you just spent a chunk of money to use Tailwind or paying a monthly fee and you leave your queue empty and dry. Don’t let your investment go to waste when this is an easy peasy fix. Set aside at least one hour a week and pin to your hearts desire using the Tailwind extension. Make sure you pin until the next time slot you have allocated to pin again and ta-dah you’re queue is filled for the week.

As you can see my queue is at zero, shame on me, but not really, see today is my day that I set aside in order to fill up my schedule and pin. If I give myself an hour and pin enough content I can give myself a full week maybe two of not having to worry about my Pinterest account and you can too.


A good way to use tailwind productively is by randomly pinning. What I mean by this is just jumping on your home feed on Pinterest and starting to schedule anything that catches your eye. Though it might be fun to do this, it can be a big-time crusher.

What I suggest is you go to your boards (now under saved) and pick one topic at a time to look for when pinning, then go and search for that topic or click on more ideas and find like-minded pins, then go to the next topic and so on. This will speed up scheduling like crazy and make your time valuable.

This also leads me to my next mistake.


After you have gone in and scheduled your pins based by board niche, all your pins will be in order by how you scheduled. It is good practice to make sure you shuffle after adding them to your queue. See what you have done is you have batched your pins and unless you shuffle all of your pins will be going to one board at a time before moving onto the next board, this is not helpful and can sometimes have you marked as being spam.

Thankfully Tailwind has a shuffle feature. All you need to do is click shuffle on the top right-hand corner above your schedule and you’re done, or if you’re like me hit shuffle 5 times. I like to make sure it’s shuffled very well.

Tailwind Shuffle BUtton


Tailwind just like Pinterest puts our analytics and oh my goodness it can be daunting at first, however, if you are not looking at them and utilizing them you’re missing out on some helpful insight to see how your content is doing.

Some things you can view are:

  • Your profile performance (followers, pins, repins, comments, engagement)
  • Board Insights
  • Tops Pins
  • Organic Activity
  • Referral Traffic
  • Tribe Analytics
  • Web Insights


This has to be the greatest feature offered by Tailwind! Ever heard of Club 33 (for all you Disney fans), think of Tribes as Tailwind’s version of this elite “secret” club. With Tailwind Tribes, you can find and join tribes that are doing well within your niche and start posting content to it, other people post their content to it and everyone repins.

What is truly great about Tribes isn’t just that you hope people will repin most have rules, for example, the most common one is “for every pin you post, you must repin 1 to 2 from the tribe,” though it’s always a good practice to repin more than you post.

Want to utilize the greatness of Tailwind Tribes to your advantage, start a free account. The image below is just 3 out of the 500 tribes that are available for blogging, most are easy to join and a few you need to request to join. More in-depth analysis on it but see why Tribes is an amazing asset?

Tailwind Tribes

Not using Tailwind yet? Get a free account and starting growing your Pinterest numbers!


Now you’ve seen my 5 common mistakes that people seem to be making on Tailwind and the ways you can combat making them yourself or fix it if you’ve already been making them. See with just a little tweak here and there your time on Pinterest and on Tailwind will be productive and efficient and you’ll start to see your analytics in an uptrend!

I love Tailwind, I live eat and breathe Tailwind and Pinterest. If you still find it confusing, exhausting, or just simply do not want to do it. Check out my packages, I am sure you will find a package to fit your need or set up a discovery call and I can customize a package for you.


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