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Being a mother is a tough job, but being a mother and working from an office or from home is a whole different ballgame. The biggest thing we have that can quickly slip through our fingers is our time. Our time is incredibly valuable. The tips below can help keep your time valuable by keeping you productive and eager to continue to crush your goals! 


Making sure you get plenty of sleep is not only beneficial for your day to be productive, but it’s also just good practice all around for your health. If you are sleep deprived, your brain will not work to its full capacity. 

In my personal experience, being a mom of 2 under 2 right now…sleep is not easy to come by, so I can completely understand if you find it difficult to get 8 hours but you know best at how many hours you need for you to function well. If you did not get enough rest the night before, see if you can make time for a quick cat nap, it helps restore your energy and keeps you from burning out.


All the experts say to make sure to wake up early, or even wake up 20 mins before your normal alarm clock to give yourself extra time in the day. However, I have tried it and that is just sooo not me, I am a night owl to the fullest. If you are a night owl like myself, know there is nothing wrong with that! 

I find my time is best used in the evening after my kids have gone to bed and I can sit and work on my Pinterest clients as well as my own blog and business goals. Whenever you do find the time, just stick to it!

Which brings me to my next point.


You want to make sure if you are waking early or staying up late that you are utilizing your time wisely, that during that time you get all the work you had planned for that day done. 

This is essential, without having a set plan, are you truly being productive?

Make sure you are prioritizing your time, decide what needs to get done today, what is urgent, what is accomplished, etc. Break everything down in hour segments so that they are accomplishable goals. 

You can download my free weekly planner below to help get you started or you can download some apps or Softwares that can help you stay on top of your goals. Below are a few of my favorite:

  • Trello: My go-to for organizing all my clients and keeping them updated. My favorite feature is the to-do task, which you can set an alarm down to the minute to remind you. 
  • Asana: This is great if your business has a lot of employees or team members. this allows you to keep track of them and any projects. 
  • Google Calendar/Tasks: Traditional calendar and the tasks feature allows you to check off or get an alert reminder. 


Make sure you eat breakfast every morning! I am the worst at doing this, but I feel 100X better about my day when I do remember to eat breakfast. We want our body to function at full capacity to work well and having a well-balanced meal allows for that, and that includes making sure you don’t get dehydrated, so drink lots of water.  

A good breakfast I suggest to keep you full and energized is some Oatmeal, a banana, and a glass of milk, though I do indulge from time to time and eat those Fruity Pebbles.


In this day in age, our phones are our biggest distractions. You need to avoid distractions when you are trying to get your work completed. The best way to do that is to set your notifications off or stick your phone on vibrate/silent while you work. I know, it is not realistic to have it off the whole day but definitely try when you are working. 

I am incredibly guilty of letting my endless Facebook scrolling and Tiktok videos hinder my goals and distract me from being productive. I have since learned to keep the phone off and away. Coffee with Kinzy also suggests putting the phone away and goes in-depth on keep distractions at bay.


Once you have completed your tasks for the day or getting ready to head to bed, give yourself some time to evaluate how the day went, what you accomplished, and what still needs to be crossed off your list. Sit down and write out what you need to do tomorrow and remember to give yourself grace if you have to move some tasks to the next day. 

Remember, you can download my weekly planner for free to help you get organized.


As I said, give yourself grace if you have not accomplished everything you had set out for that day, not every day will be perfect. The best way to stay positive is to include some activities you enjoy that do not revolve around work. 

Make sure to get some exercise (run, jog, dance) or listen to uplifting music or take a nice long warm bubble bath and read a good book. Anything that will keep you in good spirits and motivated to keep crushing your business goals! 

Do you have any other suggestions to stay productive that you do? Share them in a comment below and don’t forget to snag my free weekly planner!


Super Simple Productivity Tips

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