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So you’ve taken up blogging as a hobby or are serious and trying to make money in the blogging world. Whichever route you have decided to take, you want to make sure you are legally protected. Yes, that’s right, even as a hobby blogger you need legal protection!

See blogging can have some legal repercussions if you are not careful and it is always better to safe than sorry. You do not want to end up getting sued and not being prepared legally, this is why is it SO IMPORTANT to be protected with your basic legal contracts, like privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms and conditions.

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

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Before we continue on how to protect yourself and your blog, let’s talk about free legal templates. Many decide to take this route to save some money and trust me I get it starting as a blogger can get pricey quick however you do not want to skimp out when it comes to the law.

Writing your own legal pages can be possible, however, it can take you countless hours to get it right and even then you are not knowledgable in the field and ultimately can be missing out on true legal protection.
If you hop on Google right now and looked up free policy templates, you can find a ton of free resources however these free privacy policies, terms and conditions, and disclaimers will NOT fully cover you and protect you if something happens, like being sued.

The best route is to team up with a well-seasoned blogger, who understands what it means to be a blogger but at the same time is an actual real-world working lawyer.


Amira, at A Self Guru, is a real-life working lawyer who knows about blogging, what bloggers need, what is not needed, and so on. One of those needs is being legally protected and doing it in a snap without hassle. Amira makes this task incredibly easy by providing you with legal templates that ACTUALLY protect our blogs. There are three basic legal pages that every blogger must have on their site, no matter if you are a hobbyist or a business blogger and she has created this wonderful legal starter bundle that includes all three of these for you!

That’s right, her bundle includes a Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms & Conditions along with some bonuses…because who doesn’t love some included bonuses! She makes these incredibly affordable compared to the thousands of dollars it would cost to get it written up by a lawyer by the hour and the most wonderful part, she makes it incredibly simple to customize.

I used these exact templates and had my legal templates filled out and uploaded to my blog in under 30 minutes!



As stated earlier, the Starter Legal Templates included the three main templates needed for every blogger, along with some bonuses. These three templates are:
Privacy Policy Template
Disclaimer Template
Terms & Conditions Template

All of these Amira makes easy to fill out and allows you to use them on multiple blogs you own. Let’s talk in-depth about each one and why it is needed to protect yourself.

Legal Bundle 2


Let us start with this template. A privacy policy is a necessary legal statement that is required on your site to let your guests know how you intend to collect and use any personal information. When someone visits you’re accessing their personal information and your visitors have a right to know not only what you’re collecting on them but how you intend to use that information. A privacy policy will save you any potential lawsuits! This is a big deal!

What bonuses can you expect?

  1. GDPR Visitor Rights Policy – Comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for your European visitors
  2. GDPR Compliance/Email Marketing Policy – Be in compliance with email marketing laws
  3. Cookie Policy – Let your visitors know how and why cookies are used on your blog

All of these are worth $400! What a deal!

Privacy Policy


A disclaimer lets your visitors know that what you are posting on your blog is simply informational and for educational purposes only. It is super important to have this on your site because your visitors that end up reading your blog posts might rely on the information you’ve posted and therefore expect the same results as you.
For example, someone like myself who is a Pinterest Strategist went from knowing nothing about the business side of Pinterest to being a Strategist and having clients all within one month, however, those results may not occur the same way for others even if they follow the tips, courses and everything exactly as I did. It is also very important to always disclose any affiliate relationships or links you may post in your blog.

If you are interested in how I became a Pinterest Strategist in one month click here!

What bonuses can you expect?

  1. Earnings Disclaimer – Important if you publish income reports and other successes on your blog
  2. Sponsored Posts Disclaimer – Needed to inform your readers if you publish sponsored posts
  3. Testimonials And Product Reviews Disclaimer – Essential if you post product reviews and testimonial

All of these are worth $225. Another great deal!



Lastly, you always want to have a Terms & Conditions page. Having this on your site provides a legal contract between you and your visitors. This includes all of your site’s rules, what you allow and do not allow on your website. It also helps prevent any abuse on your site and limits your risk in legal liabilities.

What bonuses can you expect?

  1. Lawful Use Of Your Website Clause – Prevent abuse on your site
  2. Third-Party Links Disclaimer – Protect yourself against third party links
  3. Mandatory Arbitration Clause – Reduce your legal liability

All of these are worth $550. Amazing right?

Terms and Conditions


As I mentioned previously, having these starter legal pages are a must for any type of blog, and getting this legal template bundle is a freaking steal of a deal. Not only will it save you time and have you up and running within the hour but it will give you peace of mind knowing you are legally protected on your blog. You can purchase each on separately if you choose but the best deal will always be the bundle, in my opinion.

Check out these Starter Legal Templates Bundle now!

Legal Bundle


Protect Your Blog Legally

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