Meet nicky

What Would Our Partnership be like

Collaborative –  
together, we would be working towards achieving the same goals to your vision.

Concise – clear, responsive & timely communication on my behalf so that you are never left in the dark.

Creative – I will strive to provide creative pin templates, and strategies to continually have you gain visibility. 

About Me

I am a wife and mother to two beautiful girls.
I have been using Pinterest since it came out but I never knew back then how people were effectively using Pinterest marketing to build and grow their businesses! 

I started off as a Virtual Assistant and after two years of doing anything & everything I could as a VA, I truly enjoyed Pinterest and everything to do with so, ta-dah, the rest is history – I became a Pinterest Market Strategist.

My passion in life is helping others & my specialty in doing that passion is Pinterest! I have found my calling & I haven’t stopped learning about Pinterest since. I love creating branded, eye-catching pin images & analyzing data to determine what content is performing & what isn’t resonating with my client’s followers.

fun facts

I’m originally from Houston, TX but live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I studied Vocal Performance in college, sang in Operas & have performed with Josh Groban.

I was a wedding photographer for almost 10 years.

Winter is my favorite season! The colder the better. 

I am a believer!

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